Advantages to Living On-Campus

Student running in between a few of the apartment buildings in the Baity Hill Community.

At Baity Hill, you’ll not only find a place to relax in between classes or catch up on sleep, living here is an opportunity to engage others, learn in the community, and thrive at Carolina. Living on campus provides residential environments that assist students in being academically and personally successful. Through targeted residential programs, various involvement opportunities, and on-campus resources, our goal is to allow Tar Heels to focus on their education in and out of the classroom. We strive to create meaningful student experiences in the apartments and on-campus while encouraging students to learn and grow together in a community


What more could you ask for?! Living on campus offers you the most convenient living options for your Carolina Experience.

  • Walk everywhere! - save on gas and parking
  • Quick and easy access to everything - on campus transportation and bus routes
  • It's all here - food, study spaces, on-campus events
  • In-building programs
  • Family playground located in the community


The personal security of resident students is a primary concern for Baity Hill and Carolina Housing. Additionally, there has been a concerted effort campus-wide to enhance safety and security in our community. A number of safety initiatives have been implemented, including a text messaging service which is available to all students, faculty, and staff. We are interested in your security concerns and problems and encourage you to work with us to make this community a safe and enjoyable one. Residents can maximize their personal security by remembering to proceed with caution in and around their living environment. Use this alphabetical list of emergency measures and safety precautions to stay aware. For more information visit the Carolina Housing website.

Campus Partners

Baity Hill has established key cross-campus partnerships, with various UNC Departments, specifically initiated to service residential students living on campus. Where it's in way of a partnership space like our Makerspace, in partnership with Kenan Flagler's BEAM Network, or exclusive contests for residents in conjunction with various sports events and games with UNC Athletics!


In line with The University's goals, we also aim at advancing Sustainability on Campus, and we start right in our Residence Halls! We are so proud of what we have achieved so far:

  • 341 tons of material diverted from landfills with our "Dont' Ditch It! Dontate It!" initiative!
  • 1.37 tons successfully composted with our "Residence Hall Composting" initiative!
  • 15 tons of cardboard recycled during move-in with our "Cardboard Recycling" program!

Getting To Zero

Carolina's integrated approach to reducing its environmental footprint through three sustainability goals: net zero water usage; zero waste to landfills; and zero greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more on how you can do your part, join our partner, Three Zeros: Three Zeros & Office of Sustainability

Don't Ditch it, Donate it!

Each spring, Carolina Housing partners with the UNC Office of Waste Reduction & Recycling to make it easy for you to donate your unwanted but still usable items. Through the "Don't Ditch It, Donate It!" program, UNC has saved over 500,000 pounds of unwanted items from entering local landfills.

By making a conscious choice about how you'll handle your unwanted items at move-out, you become part of a campus-wide initiative to do the right thing and effect dramatic positive change.

For more information visit the Carolina Housing website.

Sustainability Campus Partners

Office of Waste Reduction & Campus Recycling

Carolina Thrift

Carolina Community Garden

Edible Campus

According to our 2021-2022 Skyfactor Resident Assessment Survey:

  • 96% of residents indicate that they feel safe in their rooms
  • 90% of residents would recommend living on campus to a new student

"I love living on campus because of being immersed in the UNC environment surrounded by like-minded peers, enjoying the beauty of our campus, and feeling a sense of home."

*2021-2022 Skyfactor Resident Assesment Survey student feedback
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