About Us

Baity Hill is a one of a kind community, and as a resident here you really are a part of the Baity Family! Our community is named after Herman Glenn Baity, former Dean of UNC School of Public Health and Chief Engineer for the World Health Organization. Dr. Baity built his family home on the top of the hill in 1940, and the Baity family donated the Baity House and adjoining land to the University in 1991 expressly to serve the needs of our graduate students and families. Click here to learn more about Dr. Baity. 

All full-time graduate students or graduate/undergraduate students with a family are welcome to live at the Baity Hill community.

Meet the Baity Hill Staff:

Caleb Waters
Assistant Director for Family Housing
Kellie McKnight
Baity Hill Property Manager
Profile pictures of the Package Center manager for Baity Hill.
Deon Alston
Baity Hill Package Center Lead

Hours of Operation

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Package Center Hours*: Monday through Friday 12pm to 6pm - Closed Saturdays
* The Baity Hill Office and Package Center are closed on University Holidays.

About Carolina Housing

As the official on-campus student housing department at UNC-Chapel Hill, Carolina Housing works to provide convenient housing that is safe, inclusive and supportive. We strive for students to experience a welcoming home in our on-campus communities, build life-long friendships and develop skills for their current and future success as they journey through their Carolina experience.
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