Baity Hill Community Council

We are excited to introduce the Baity Hill Council Members. We are here to bring your voice to the community as advocates on behalf of those who are living in Baity Hill Housing. All council members are current residents. We encourage you to reach out for any concerns, recommendations, or ideas on changes and ways to unite as residents. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming event.

Meet Euphy!

  • Degree: Biostatistics PhD
  • Position: Treasurer
  • Fun fact: I enjoy food hunting as well as various fitness activities!
  • I look forward to bringing residents closer as a supportive and fun community through BHCC!

Meet Susan!

  • Degree: Chemistry PhD
  • Position: Event and Community Development Chair
  • Fun fact: I like to do outdoorsy things and do a lot of exploring on my own
  • I joined BHCC because I want to make Baity Hill feel more like home

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