Move-In Information

We are excited to welcome you to Baity Hill! Below is a list of need-to-knows for moving into your new Carolina Home!

Check-In Process and Housing Contract

Information about the check-in process, housing contract, and monthly payment instructions. Please be sure to read all Baity Hill housing contract terms and UNC Community Standards prior to moving in.

Checking In

You are scheduled to check into your apartment any time between 9AM-4PM on your move in day. When you arrive to the property, first visit our office in the Baity House, located on top of the hill at 1503 Baity Hill Drive, to pick up your key(s) to access your apartment and flex-pass(es) to access your building.

Apartment Condition Form

An apartment condition form can be found via your My Housing Portal login under the room inspection tab.  COMPLETION OF THIS FORM IS NOT REQUIRED unless you wish to report that there is damage in your apartment that DOES NOT NEED TO BE REPAIRED, but that you are not responsible for. The listing of any damages on this form will ensure you won’t be charged for the damaged item when you vacate the apartment. For items requiring repair, please DO NOT add them to the Apartment Condition Form, as items reported there WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED FOR REPAIR. Instead, complete a request to have the item repaired at

MyHousing Portal/Payments

The MyHousing Portal is your one-stop access point for all things related to your Baity Hill contract. It is where you will go to check your rental account balance and make your rent payments using a debit or credit card. Please remember that rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after the 5th. The MyHousing Portal is also where you will go to renew your contract for the next year, request to transfer apartments, or give your notice to vacate, when the time comes.

Housing Contract & UNC Community Living Standards

The Baity Hill housing contract and the Carolina Community Living Standards are identical for all residents. A downloadable printable copy of each is available on our How to Apply page. Be sure to check out our entire website including Resident Forms and Get Involved pages.


Smoking is prohibited in your building, apartment, or within 100 feet of any building on the UNC campus. Please see the UNC smoking policy.

Moving Trucks, Parking, and Transportation

Where to park when moving into your space, parking pass information if you are bringing a car, and transportation information if you do not have a vehicle.

Moving Trucks

You may park a moving truck on Baity Hill Drive in front of your building, or in the surface lot beside your building while unloading. Please do not attempt to drive a moving truck under any building parking garage or up the hill to the Baity House. It will not fit.

Parking Info

UNC Transportation and Parking oversees the lots and garages for each Baity Hill building. Baity Hill staff will authorize one resident per apartment to purchase the primary parking permit via To request to purchase the primary SFH parking permit (with the consent of all other residents in your apartment), complete a Primary Parking Registration form. If you are not the primary permit holder, but need to request approval to purchase a permit for your vehicle, you may do so via The Hardship Parking Application Form. Residents with SFH permits may only park in unreserved spaces below or near their assigned building. Motorcycles, scooters, and bikes must be registered or permitted appropriately, parked in designated areas, and are not permitted inside the buildings. Visitor parking permit authorization forms are available at the Baity Hill office to purchase daily permits from Parking Services for any registered guests who wish to park at Baity Hill during their visit.


Follow this link to the Chapel Hill transit map. The most commonly used bus routes to Baity Hill are the RU and B.

The Next Bus website allows you to see in real time when buses will be arriving.

Google Maps is also a great way to find out what buses reach your destination. Be sure to select the Transit option to see available bus routes.

The Point-to-Point (P2P) Accessibility Shuttle provides services strictly for authorized passengers with accessibility needs between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Zipcar is a car sharing service that offers cars by the hour or the day, located at convenient locations across campus and allows access to all Zipcar vehicles located across the country and around the world. This is a flexible and convenient way to maintain proximate access to a vehicle and reserving a vehicle online is a quick and easy process. All UNC staff and students 18 years of age or older who are licensed drivers, (an international driver’s license is acceptable), may apply to enroll in the program for business or personal trips. A car can be reserved online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gas, maintenance, insurance, 180 free miles per day and on campus parking are all included in UNC’s rate of $9.50 per hour. For more information, visit Zip Car website.

What to Bring, Amenities & Rentals

What to bring, what's included, rental opportunities, laundry information, Wi-Fi/cable information, and trash/recycling services.

What's Included in your Apartment

Baity Hill apartment units come furnished or unfurnished. All units are equipped with stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/dryer connections. Furnished units add bedroom, living room and dining room furniture only.

What you will need to bring

Residents of Baity Hill are responsible to provide their own housewares (cups, plates, silverware, cookware, etc.), small appliances (microwave, toaster, blender etc.), cleaning supplies (including vacuum and/or broom), decorative items (including wall art), and bath linens (towels, bath mats, etc.). Visit this website for a list of essential items to purchase for your new home.

Furniture Rental

CORT Furniture offers specials made available to Baity Hill residents. Email our CORT representative Terry Gray at CORT Furniture has an informative website and outlet retail store showroom in Raleigh, NC.


Contact ResNet or call 919-962-HELP (4357). To connect to the Wireless Internet please visit or call 919-962 HELP (4357).


There are washer/dryer connections in your apartment home. If you have a washer/dryer, be sure to install the supply lines and dryer vent hose correctly and snugly. If you do not want to purchase a washer/dryer, there is a UNC OneCard operated laundry room on the second (2nd) floor of your building. If you would like to rent a washer/dryer set for your apartment, two rental company suggestions are AZUMA ( and Appliance Warehouse ( 

Laundry Facilities

Machines accept OneCard Expense Account funds. The machines do NOT accept quarters, cash or personal debit/credit cards. For more information on the features of the laundry facilities visit the Student Laundromats website.

Trash & Recycling

For residents on Baity Hill Drive, the trash and recycling center is on the left-hand side as you enter the community from Mason Farm Road. Residents on Mason Farm Road have a trash and recycling area next to your building. We Recycle! Please make sure to always break down carboard boxes and place them in the cardboard dumpsters, keep aluminum cans, bottles, paper and other recyclables separated from your household trash and place these in the recycling bins. Bag your household trash and dispose of it only in the trash dumpsters. Please do not leave any bagged trash, recyclables or personal items outside your apartment door or in any building common area at any time, for any length of time. Please do not leave any large furniture or mattresses at any of the trash and recycling centers.

Community Garden

The Baity Hill Community Garden is managed by the resident gardeners, and contains individual plots, communal plots, and areas for general cultivation. Participation in the garden, and assignment of an individual plot, is available to those who agree to share in responsibilities for general garden upkeep and to uphold the garden covenants. If you wish to participate in the Community Garden and cultivate a plot, email


Finding the right childcare provider for your family is a very personal process and can prove difficult. A great place to find information about university affiliated childcare facilities and the “Helping Heels” care provider list is available at

Mail and Packages

Here is some important information about Mail and Packages. For more information click the mail icon at the top of the page.

Mail Services

We distribute mail to your mailboxes as soon as possible after the postal service delivers it. All mail should be delivered into your mailbox Monday through Saturday by 7pm. For your address visit our Mail and Packages page (letter icon at the top of the page).

Mail Forwarding

The Postal Service does not forward mail from Baity Hill. If you receive any mail addressed to the previous resident, please place it in the misdirected mail bin. When you vacate Baity Hill, please contact all family, friends and businesses and inform them of your new address 2-4 weeks prior to moving out to ensure that all your mail will be sent to your new home. None of your packages or letters will be forwarded.


The Baity Hill Package Center hours are Mon.-Fri., 12pm – 6pm and Sat., 10am-2pm. UPS and FEDEX will attempt to deliver packages to your apartment door before The Baity Hill Package Center hours are Mon.-Fri., 12pm – 6pm and Sat., 10am-2pm. You will receive an email from to the email address you have entered into connect Carolina when a package addressed to your household is checked in. Be prepared to meet carriers delivering HEAVY or OVERSIZED packages at your building and accompany them to your apartment, since the Baity Hill Package Center cannot except them.  Also, please wait to ask about any delivery notifications you may receive from a delivery agency until you receive an email from the Baity Hill Package Center.  Picture identification is required to pick up a package from the Baity Hill office. Package center and mail delivery hours may vary during breaks and holidays. 

Misdirected Mail Bins

There are bins located in each building’s lobby for misdirected mail. Please do
not dispose of your own mail or trash in these bins.

Important Contact Information

Important emails and numbers while you are living on campus. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Baity Hill Email is our official email address for communicating important information to our student residents. Please ensure your email address is correct in so you receive all important community updates. It is not possible for family members to be added to receive Baity Hill official communications, however you can set up your UNC email account to forward emails received from and to their email addresses.

Fix My Room

Need something repaired in your apartment? Visit Fix My Room (the wrench at the top of the page) to report any maintenance, housekeeping, furnishings or pest control issues in your apartment or building, 24-hours a day. You can also call the Service Center at (919) 966-2471 during weekday business hours. If you have a facility emergency overnight, over the weekend or when the Maintenance Service Center is closed, please call 919-962-8100.

Locked Out of Apartment

You may receive a spare key and/or flex pass (key fob) from the Baity Hill office during business hours (Mon.-Fri., 8am-5pm). If locked out after the office is closed call UNC Public Safety at 919-962-8100 and they will be able to unlock your apartment and let you in. You may have the spare key and flex pass for 48 hours to search for missing keys. There will be a charge of $75 for a new brass key and $50 for a new flex pass.

Important Contacts

Baity Hill OfficeP: 919-843-5492| F: 919-843-8846 | E:
Public SafetyP: 919-962-8100 (Non-Emergency)
Contact for safety concerns, locked out of your apartment when Baity Hill Office is closed, noise complaints when Baity Hill Office is closes, or if you have an emergency maintenance issue when Baity Hill Office is closed.
Fix My RoomP: 919-966-2471 | E: |
Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM – 6PM For Emergency Maintenance After Hours, please contact Public Safety at 919-962-8100.
ResNetP: 919-962-HELP (4357) |
Contact for issues with your cable or internet.
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