Important Baity Updates - February 2018

February 28, 2018

For your reference: a copy of the email I sent out to all Residents on February 26, 2018

Dear Residents,

We hope your week is off to a great start! Please bear with me because I know this is a long email, but I want everyone to be in the loop and we have been receiving tons of questions lately! Please read this entire email - see below for some important Baity Hill updates and I hope this is helpful:

1 – Parking: We have been receiving a lot of complaints lately about Parking (especially in regards to Building 1351). We want to remind everyone that unfortunately Baity Hill does not manage the Parking – this is done completely by the UNC Parking Department. However, we have been working with them in hopes to resolving some of the ongoing issues and hope you will help us uphold these policies.

  • Guests are required to have visitor permits – this must be obtained by the Baity Hill office and then take the form over to UNC Parking office for them to issue the pass. Residents are only allowed to park 1 car/apartment with the exception of a 2nd hardship pass being approved and issued.
  • Due to the large number of complaints, the Parking Control Officers will be doing various widespread checks at Baity Hill throughout all different times of the day, and at night and on the weekends. We hope this helps better eliminate the problems and complaints we have been receiving.

2 – Keys: We want to remind everyone about our Spare Key and Flex Pass policy. If you have locked yourself out and simply need to borrow our spare key and flex pass to let yourself back in, we completely understand and per Housing policy allow you to borrow it and return back within 48 hours. If you have lost your key and/or flex pass – we are required to charge your account and order you new ones. It is $50 for new flex pass and $75 for the brass key. If it is not back within 48 hours we will have to deactivate it and charge your account.

3 – Lease Renewals: All lease renewals are due by March 31st! After this date if you have not renewed your lease or spoken with Alena, we will be assigning your apartment to someone else!  Many of you have been requesting the 1 month lease extension to June 30th –  I am sorry I have had an extremely large number of incoming emails about this and trying to reply you back as quickly as possible- but I am approving anyone who has requested up until June 30th. If you are requesting anything past this date it is NOT guaranteed and has to be prior approved. When you are filling out the lease extension request on our website, please use the comments section to explain the situation to me. Special circumstances will be considered and approved based on our availability of the new upcoming resident move in dates (which will not be completely known until April 25th). We are doing our best to accommodate you past our allowed lease extension date and appreciate your understanding.

*NOTE 1 – if your graduation from UNC is in a different month that is not May 2018 (i.e. a summer graduation of June, July, or August) I have to have a letter from your academic program coordinator verifying when your graduation date is and then we will work on together what your specific move out date will be.

*NOTE 2 – all notice to vacate forms are due at least 30 days in advance! This link can be filled out now online on our website.

4 – Package Center: A friendly reminder that you are *required* to bring either your UNC one card or a valid photo ID to pick up packages. We will not be releasing packages from now on without a valid photo ID every single time (this is for everyone’s safety and upholding our policy to make sure everyone receives their correct packages).

5 – Wildlife: As spring is approaching there has been sight of various outdoor animals throughout the community. This is a reminder to not pet these wild animals and stay away from them for your own safety and the safety of our other residents.

6 – Trivia Night: Tomorrow night at 5PM, our friends from Carolina Union Activities Board will be hosting a Trivia Night with free food at Linda’s Bar & Grill on Franklin Street. The flyer is attached.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


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