Baity Hill Package Service Representative - Student Staff Position

Baity Hill iconic silo
January 4, 2021

Carolina Housing works to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes learning, citizenship, involvement, and leadership. The Department is committed to creating supportive learning environments that assist in the total development of the resident through student leadership, programming, residence hall standards, and campus connections. The Carolina Housing program is built on a student learning philosophy that values inclusiveness, discovery, benchmarking, community, communication, and celebration.

Baity Hill Package Service Representatives (PSRs) are responsible for delivering and sorting mail to the 9 resident buildings each day. They are also responsible for receiving, storing and distributing packages at the Baity Hill Package Center to students living in the community. PSRs use the SC Logic package tracking system and Star Rez student housing software. They must maintain accuracy and comply with all Federal Mail Regulations. PSRs interact with various delivery carriers and professional staff, while providing excellent customer service. This position will be supervised by the Assistant Director for Family Housing.

For more information about this student staff position please visit: Baity Hill Package Service Representative website page.

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