REMINDER: Dispose of Trash and Recycling!

image of Baity Hill at the top of the hill on a sunny day.
February 23, 2021

The Baity Hill Convenience Centers are there to serve the needs of all our residents.

Please keep our building and convenience centers clean by disposing of items properly:

  • Place bagged trash in the dumpsters and NOT the open-top
  • ONLY Larger items go in the large open-top container
  • PLEASE Recycle as instructed
  • Break down boxes and put them in the cardboard-only dumpsters
  • Don't leave any items in the hallway or outside your apartment door (this includes personal items or shoes).

As we have noted on several occasions, when we find items or trash left where they don't belong, at any time for any length of time, we make every effort to track down the parties responsible and may issue a fine of $25 per item. 

Don't receive a fine! Be mindful of the following:

  1. Do not leave Trash or Personal items outside your door or in the common areas. It is never appropriate to leave anything behind in a building lobby or out in the open in the trash areas. Leaving multiple items can incur a hefty fine at $25 per item (no matter how small).
  2. Do not put bagged trash or food waste in the large open-top dumpster. The large open-top dumpster(s) in the Baity Hill Drive enclosure are for larger household items, furniture and mattresses.  The open-tops are not emptied as frequently as the regular dumpsters, and we want to keep them from smelling or attracting pests.
  3. Do not leave household garbage or any non-recyclable items in the recycling enclosure.
  4. Do not put cardboard boxes anywhere other than the cardboard dumpsters.

We appreciate all of you! Thank you for helping to keep our community as clean and healthy as possible during this time.  Should you see anything where it doesn't belong at Baity Hill, please contact our team directly at 919-843-8831.

Take care and stay well! 
~Your Baity Hill Team

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