So Convenient! Zipcar and Tar Heel Bikes

February 24, 2021

Ride in style for a fraction of the cost... Zipcar and Tar Heel Bikes available at Baity Hill!

Zipcar whenever you need a ride!

The Baity Hill zipcar is located across from the 1900 building on Baity Hill Drive!

  • Note regarding Zipcar Covid protocols: While there are no cleaning supplies in the vehicles, zipcar vehicles are cleaned using a protective antiviral coating which protects the surfaces of the vehicle from COVID-19 for 90 days. The solution is called OmniCloud. OmniCloud is re-applied once a month.  When members make reservations for Zipcar, a checklist will be displayed which covers best practices for using Zipcar and for staying safe.

Find out more about Zipcar HERE.

A Bike when you need it, free for the first hour every day!

Tar Heel Bikes are available in front of the 1600 building on Baity Hill Drive!

Find out more about Tar Heel Bikes HERE.

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