Exams are approaching! Please be mindful!

March 19, 2021

Dear Baity Hill residents,

With exams approaching, we are sending this email to remind everyone that noise carries through our hallways and between apartments.  Please be mindful and request that your family members and guests limit their activities indoors (particularly in the building hallways) as our students prepare for their exams. 

We wish you all brilliance and peace as you prepare for your exams!

~Your Baity Hill Team

...and as a reminder, here is Carolina Housing policy regarding noise at Baity Hill: 
The following insights guide us in working through noise related issues and queries:

We hope everyone understands that while Baity Hill's mission is to provide an environment that allows our student-residents to focus on their studies, Baity Hill is fundamentally a community for families. We know that all of our families' various backgrounds and lifestyles make our community a wonderfully diverse environment, and with this diversity can also come vastly different expectations, especially with regard to noise. 

Although we expect all of our residents to be respectful of their neighbors and observe quiet hours to the best of their ability, it is important to accept that your neighbors will make noise, that our buildings were not created for the spaces to be sound proof, and the flooring upgrades to laminate wood enables sound to carry. It is not reasonable to expect silence in your apartment.

Day to day sounds from neighbors' talking quietly, exercise, cleaning, vacuuming, ironing, doing laundry, children running, playing or participating in school/homework, television or music set at a reasonable volume, or residents simply moving around in their apartment are to be expected.  That said, we work with residents to limit specific noisy activities like exercise, doing laundry or vacuuming to times outside of our 10pm-7am quiet hours. We look to all our residents to be reasonable in their requests of neighbors regarding noise, and that they be agreeable to limiting noisy activities during specific times should another resident find them disruptive. During this time of social distancing, should you have a reasonable request to make of a neighbor with regard to noise, we ask that you contact our Baity Hill staff to discuss the request with the resident(s) in question.

NOTICE: For a resident to be deemed in violation of the Carolina Housing Community Living Standards due to noise, the following criteria must be met: 1) The resident deliberately causes prolonged noise or an ongoing disruption that is disturbing and excessive to the reasonable ear, or is in direct contradiction to a request given by staff, 2) The noise is objectively verified by multiple witnesses, UNC Police, or Carolina Housing Staff, and 3) The resident responsible allows the issue to recur after receiving formal notice to correct it.

If you experience what you believe to be an actionable violation with regard to noise, we urge you to contact UNC Police to report it. If you do, we ask that you be patient during this time. There may be limited staff in place and response times could be longer than usual. Also, you should refrain from contacting UNC Police to report additional complaints about the same situation.  After the initial complaint has been made, please allow time for UNC Police to contact Baity Hill staff who will in turn, follow up with you regarding your complaint.

As always, your Baity Hill staff are here to assist you.  Please call 919-834-8831 or email baityhill@unc.edu if you have questions.

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